Environmental Projects

Our environmental experiences include the evaluation and remediation of environmentally related problems such as containment of subsurface contamination and siting of new landfills. We specifically have expertise in site screening, underground tank locations, solid waste disposal site design, earth retention structures, slurry wall design, tailing pond design and surface mine reclamation.

Environmental Studies

  • Geotechnical Engineering Services

    - Materials Testing
    - Soil Testing
    - Inspection Services
    - Water Resource Projects
    - Laboratory Services
    - Environmental Explorations
    - Dam Projects
    - Bridge Foundations
    - Concrete & Asphalt Testing
    - Foundation Investigation
    - Geotechnical Investigations
    - Roadway Projects
    - Airport Projects
    - Drilling
    - Soils & Rock Testing
    - Municipal Landfills
    - Pipelines